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What is the Dental Support Foundation?

We are a non-governmental organization (NGO) setup to achieve objectives that will be of immense benefit to all dental practitioners in Nigeria.

Our objectives are listed below.

Objective 1
To be actively involved in and to help in the promotion; encouragement and advancement of Dental practice in Nigeria.
Objective 2
To encourage Dental Practitioners undertake measures for the improvement of public oral health and dental education.
Objective 3
To maintain the dignity and honor of the dental profession.
Objective 4
To protect the rights and interests of young dentists to set up private practices.
Objective 5
To foster friendship, co- operation and co- existence amongst the members of the profession both young and old.
Objective 6
To create a form of employment/ job opportunity for young dentists.
Objective 7
To sponsor private practice set and reduce the burden of equipment acquisition to the barest minimum.